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Who We Are

Andrew Kaplan MS, LAc, has been practicing Acupuncture for 10 years in NYS.  He went to school at the NY College of Health Professions in Syosset New York, where he earned a masters of science in Acupuncture.   Andrew is NYS Licensed and National Board certified.  He specializes in treating infertlity clients, both female and male.  He also sees clients with the following conditions, but are not limited to: pain conditions, migraines/headaches, digestive disorders, and cancer conditions.

Adrianne Conforti MS, LAc, LMT, has been practicing Acupuncture and Massage therapy for 10 years in NYS. Adrianne went to the NY College of Health Professions in Syosset New York, where she earned a Masters Degree in Science of Acupuncture and Associate Degree in Massage Therapy.  Adrianne is NYS Licensed in both Acupuncture and Massage Therapy and National Board certifed to perform Acupuncture.   She treats pediatrics and adults with a wide range of conditions.  Many clients come in with various pain issues, allergies, migranes/headaches, skin conditions, infertility, cancer related symptoms, and digestive disorders to name a few.  

We use sterile, disposable, high quality needles, which touch each client once and are disposed properly.

We use linaments, lotions, ear seeds, electric stimulation and cupping when indictated.

We strive for patient comfort.  Gowns, towels, blankets and heat pads/lamps may be used to achieve this goal.

Why Us?

In our offices, we strive for patients to feel comfortable and at ease.  We use different techniques which are appropriate for each client.  Not all conditions are the same and each person is evaluated individually. 

Having more than 10 years of experience in many areas of acupuncture, ranging from Fertility issues to Pain, we have a wide range of knowledge to help facillitate results.

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